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We Value Your Business!!!!
Shop with us and earn points that can be cashed in for gift cards!! We have many, many loyal friends and we want to reward you for your support!! It is easy to join and you can start collecting points right away.  Joining our rewards program is easy. Just a few simple steps and you are ready to go. Check out all the details below and start earning your rewards points TODAY!

Create an Account With Us!!!
The first step is to create an account with us. This is a very important step because this is where your rewards are totalled, stored and redeemed. Before you shop you will login to your account so that our system knows it is you. When you go through the checkout process your rewards will be calculated and allotted to you within your account.

Setting up your account is EASY!! Just follow these steps:
  • visit our website at
  • click on the 'login' button in the top left corner
  • if you are a new customer and you don't have an account already, click the 'create account' button and fill in the required information.
  • if you are setting up your account for the first time be sure you are entering your information correctly. The #1 reason people are unsuccessful with setting up their new account is the misspelling of information (especially email addresses).
  • if you already have an account with us, confirm all of your information is correct and you are set to go!

Login!! Login!! Login!!
Rewards are given to you each time you shop with us and they are calculated and stored in your profile. If your information is not the same each time you shop with us then our system will create a new profile for you. You can easily end up with multiple profiles and here is why:
  • if you misspell ANYTHING our system will create a new profile for you because it thinks you are a different person.
  • if you have more than one email address, a new profile will be created for each email address you use.
  • if you use your home phone number sometimes and your cell phone number other times, our system will create different profiles for you.
  • if you use multiple addresses, a new profile will be created for each address you use.
Rewards are given to the profile you are shopping if you have 6 different profiles then your rewards will be scattered throughout those profiles, depending on which spelling, email, phone number or shipping address you have provided.
If you have multiple profiles you can redeem your rewards under each profile BUT they can't be consolidated. For example, Mary Smith has a total of 800 points spread over 4 different profiles. Mary will not be able to cash in 800 points at once, she will have to shop and checkout under each profile to redeem them.
The easiest way for you to manage your rewards points is to set up ONE account and make sure you LOGIN to that account EVERY time you shop. This way ALL your rewards points will be under ONE profile and it will be much easier for you to redeem them!

$$ Spent = $$ Rewards
Our rewards program is points based. As you are shopping for all of your favourite supplies you will be earning points that can be cashed in for rewards. You can save these rewards to put towards something special or you can cash them in as soon as you get is totally up to you. Be sure to read all the details below so you don't miss out on all the benefits of your rewards.
  • for every $1 you spend on regular priced products you will receive 1-point
  • points are calculated on before tax $$
  • when you accumulate 300 points you will be issued a $10 reward coupon.
  • the $10 reward coupon will be used in full when redeeming therefore you must have a minimum of $10 in qualifying items in your order to use a coupon or the remainder of the reward will be forfeited.
  • no rewards are earned on sale items, when using a discount code or when using a reward coupon on your purchase. 
  • rewards can't be used to purchase items that are excluded from our sales including items marked NEW or new collections.You can find a list of these items under our FAQ's - click here
  • rewards cannot be used to purchase sale items or gift cards.
  • only one reward coupon code can be redeemed at a time for online purchases.
  • rewards can be redeemed immediately or saved for up to 1 year
  • after 1 year, your rewards expire
  • expired rewards can't be reactivated
  • rewards are not transferable. They must be redeemed under the person that has earned them
  • if you have earned rewards under multiple profiles they can't be combined
  • if rewards are earned on a product that has been returned, the value of the rewards will be returned as well

Keeping Track of Rewards
Not only is earning rewards easy, so is keeping track of them. Once you are logged in to your account with us, click the 'account' button on the toolbar. This is where you will see the 'rewards' tab. As you can see above......I have not earned any rewards yet......and it is time to shop!!!
As we started above, the key to this rewards program is making sure you are logged in to your account when you are shopping!! Here is why logging in is recommended:
  • all of your information is stored on your account. This ensures that each time you check out you are using consistent information and the percentage of errors is drastically reduced
  • your earned points are allotted to you and you can find them easily
  • you do not earn points on multiple profiles and therefore they accumulate faster
  • it is easy for you to make changes to your account information - name, phone number, email address and shipping information *remember to click 'save'
Although there is a tab for payment information, this does not allow you to store you credit card numbers to use during check out. You will have to enter your credit card/debit card information during the check out process.
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