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Gelly Print Journal Workshop - Tuesday

Gel-Print printing has taken the mixed-media world by storm. Ready-made silicone plates make it incredibly easy to create monoprints with paint, stencils, stamps, and more. A little practice is all it takes to become a pro at printing on gel plates.

Art Journal Workshop - Thursday

Kim is back with another amazing art journal workshop. Each class just gets better and better. There are so many great techniques and layers on each page. The process is so much fun!!

Planners Gotta Plan - Saturday

Our planners are LOVING these workshops!! I love sharing my love of my memory planner and every month there is a little something new! If you haven't been out to our class is not too late. You can jump in anytime.

Jul 30
Art Journal Workshop - Tuesday

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    Waterloo, ON
  • N2K 4P1

    (519) 746-6672