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Maker's Series (Folios etc.)

A Walk On The Wild Side

A Year With My Gnomies

Autumn Greetings

Bow Wow

Cake Rainbow Sprinkles

Cake Party Animal

Crafting With My Gnomies

Dragon Dreams


Go Outside And Play

Grease Monkey

Hop To It

Hush Little Baby

Laugh Or Cry:Quarantine Life Outtakes

Little Boys Have Big Adventures

Little One

Living The Quarantine Life

Love & Cherish

Lucky Charm


Monster Mash

National Parks Grand Canyon

National Parks Yellowstone

Notting Hill Book Store

Oh What A Beautiful Day

Our Friendship Through The Years

Set Sail

Star Of The Show

The Great Outdoors

The Hockey Life

The North Pole Trading Co.

Thinking Of You

Time To Travel

Tulla & Norbert

Tulla and Norbert's Camping With My Gnomies

Tulla & Norbert's Christmas Party

Tulla & Norbert's Excellent Adventure

We Are Family

We Can Just Stay Home

Wicker Lane

You're The Man


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A Year With My Gnomies Canada Element Stickers


  • Adhesives
  • 550 Parkside Drive 
  • Unit B6
  • Waterloo, Ontario
  • N2L 5V4

  • (519) 746-6672