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Picket Fence Studios Paper Pouncers Rainbow 9 pk

Are you ready to have some fun with ink? Picket Fence Studios has come out with this innovative new inking tool called Paper Pouncers. This package includes nine Paper Pouncers in a rainbow of colors. They are all identical, save for the color. Each Pouncer comes in a handy little case of the same color. Each pouncer has a high-quality soft sponge on an ergonomic handle for easy application. The Pouncers are perfect for anyone with hand, wrist, or elbow issues as the pouncing motion is gentle. So what is pouncing? You ink up the sponge and rather than blending, you pounce or push down on the sponge and are left with a circular design. You can then extend the design with blending or leave the circle and create the rest of your project. These pouncers are easy to clean, just gently pounce onto a scrap paper or damp cloth. Do not leave them submerged in water, as the sponges may expand. These Pouncers can be used with all kinds of ink including embossing ink. The case measures 2" x 2.75", the sponge measures approximately 1.5" x 1.5", and the sponge/tool with handle measures 1.5" x 2.43". 

Paper Pouncers were developed to add to a new ink application tool on the market for easier and quicker application of water-based inks to paper. They do not replace Blender Brushes.

Please do not apply heat or saturate with water. Saturation of the sponge will cause it to permanently grow in size. 

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