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Catherine Pooler Ink-Metallic Rose Gold

When you want to add a bit of shiny pink to your life, grab our Rose Gold Metallic Pigment Ink! The Rose Gold Metallic Pigment Ink is a rich, mauve-toned gold in with lots of shine. {add text about pigments}
Try Rose Gold Metallic Pigment Ink with florals for an elegant pop.

Get ready to add more bling to your stamped projects with our Metallic Pigment Inks! These beautiful metallic inks are thick and rich in color and catch the light with shimmer and shine!

These inks stamp images that are crisp and bright and oh, so metallic! We were through the moon when we first tried them. As an archival, fade-resistant, and acid-free ink, they are an excellent choice for artwork and keepsake projects.

Our pigment inks are very different than our current line of water-based dye inks. They are slow-drying and are formulated to sit on top of the paper surface, giving plenty of time for blending and embossing. Dry time and permanence depend on the surface used—inks will dry faster and be more permanent on more porous surfaces. Use clear embossing powder or spray fixative for improved permanence.

CP metallic ink cleans off stamps easily with just water, soapy water, or stamp cleaner. If you get ink in the crevices of your stamps, you may use an old toothbrush to get them sparkling clean!


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